eAula is an educational initiative that aims to show young people the professional opportunities in tourism, promoting their academic development

June 17


Shaping the Future of Tourism

eAula Alcudia Tourism Talent 2024 is a pioneering initiative in tourism education specifically designed for young students in Alcudia. In a world where sustainability becomes the key to success, eAula positions itself at the forefront, offering future tourism professionals a unique platform to explore career opportunities in this dynamic sector.

What does eAula offer?

  • Direct Interaction with Experts: Activities designed to be as informative as they are inspiring, facilitated by industry leaders who are redefining the future of the sector.
  • Focus on Innovation and Sustainability: Through lectures and round tables, we delve into how innovation and sustainable practice are essential for the growth and longevity of tourism.
  • Skill and Knowledge Development: We stimulate academic development with a practical approach that prepares students not only to enter the job market but to excel in it.

At eAula, we do not just show the way; we equip our students with the tools necessary to walk it with confidence.