A new educational challenge aimed at FP students in which they will have to manufacture a solar-powered vehicle in teams, through prototype design, electronics, use of sustainable materials, promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.


What is?

eTalent is a local educational challenge, which aims to offer young people the opportunity to approach different sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies in a playful and fun way. It consists of manufacturing a vehicle powered solely by solar energy: prototype design, electronics, manufacturing with different materials, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy...

Students in teams, with the guidance of a teacher, must build an electric radio-controlled prototype powered by solar energy, which is competitive for the final challenge, a race that will be held within the framework of eMallorca Experience Week.

The 2023 competition

• Students from IES Pau Casesnoves – Inca participate.
• Students will participate in teams of 2-3 people with the help of a teacher or tutor.
• They will have 6 weeks to develop their prototype.
• The competition will be held in Inca, within the framework of the eMallorca Experience Week.
• It will consist of challenges of speed and maneuverability.
• Once the competition is over, the awards ceremony will be held in the same location.